girl loves...thursday?

Yes, Thursday.
Why? Bbecause it's my Friday.
Not that I'll be lounging around in my pjs tomorrow.
We've got a full day of doctor apointments and errand running.

Being back to work started off well but in my second week, I'm feeling a bit like this:
AaaaaaaaaaI'm am running on fumes rights now. 
Tyler's going through something because his little butt kept me up until 3:30am this morning.
It's hard to be frustrated with him though. He spent the night/early morning wide-eyed and cooing the whole time. Possibly a growth spurt? Not sure but he's been doing so well with our routine. Just hope he gets back on track soon. 

Not only am I dog tired but tasks at work are starting to pile up.
It's nice to be busy but with so little sleep, it's hard to concentrate. I have to say I'm handling it all quite well though. As emails keep flowing and my inbox gets full, I keep a smile on my face.
This year I decided to do 2 things.
First was to not complain...or complain less I should say. (when snowblower wakes me up in the a.m., complaining is a given) So far so good.
Second was to not let the negativity that surrounds our office get to me. So when coworkers gossip/complain, it goes in one ear and out the other.
I just don't have the time or energy for this @$#% crap anymore.
Not when I've got so much good going for me.
There's no way I want any of that negativity to rub off on Tyler and he in no way deserves a grumpy mom.
I'm taking it all in great strides.


happy thursday/friday!