boy loves friday.

20110206_9041giving a pound to friday.:)
i wasn't planning on blogging today but i'm up early with a hot cup of decaf and sleeping boy so why not?
still in the process of updating this boring blog.
was going to hire some one to do it but my funds are tied up at the moment so now i'm researching/learning how to do it myself. harder than i thought but i'm sure i'll get there.

onto girl loves.

things i am thankful for.
i love this illustration although i would alter a few things. certainly an inspiration for an upcoming layout using my March Studio Calico kit due to arrive on my doorstep in the next few days. 

one love photo's booth.
of course you'd expect nothing less from these ultra creative photographers.
love the idea of hanging old cameras directly onto the idea that my spring up in my son's nursery. he's mesmerized by the cameras i have strown across my mantle.

this look.
the jeans remind me of the old 501's i use to scour the thrift stores for. already been sporting the messy bun for a few weeks now but i'm really on the hunt for a blazer. i have issues with them fitting me comfortably. i hate the feeling of being confined. blazers usually do that to me.

also loooving yogurt with granola. my perfect combination is the Yoplait light banana cream pie topped with Bear Valley vanilla almond and some chopped bananas. wish the rest of my eating would play out this healthy.

happy friday.