girl loves friday.

no I'm not lucky I'm blessed.
-Nicki Minaj

Something I'm feeling at the very moment.
I don't think I give the big man enough credit for the goodness in my life. Of course I look to him when things are down and ask..why me?
Another resolution for this year....less why me prayers and more thank you prayers.

Feeling so relieved it's Friday. Seems like a long week, maybe because I actually worked a full week rather than taking Friday off. 
Yesterday I woke up so amped on creative thoughts but they were quickly killed after a conference call first thing in the a.m. in which I was not given credit for a grand business decision I had made last week. Not to say I need a pat on the back for every thing I do but this particular situation would have been nice. Was pretty let down but also pushed me more into wanting to become my own boss. I'm ready to mesh my own business/sales/creative skills into Life.Love.Paper Photography. Every night this week I've dreamt of being on photo shoots and woke up with fabulous ideas and enough motivation to get me to my next step. I'm extremely excited about my upcoming shoot which is going to be totally experimental. It's a boudoir shoot. Yikes. Totally far from the newborn, maternity direction I'm headed but at this point in my photographic career, I'm not going to shy away from something new.

Gir loves

I love cuddly creatures.

Speaking of cuddly...I also love that my baby boy loves to cuddle. He snuggles right into the nook of my arm when we take our afternoon naps. Yes, he sleeps with me. In my bed. I can hear the gasps now. And you know what...I'm not going to apologize for it. With all the books and advice combined, what I know is that I have to do what's best for us. He does sleep comfortably in his bassinet now at night-time but nap-time is cuddle time. 
Moving on.

This book . This was Tyler's Valentines gift I got him and has become part of our bedtime ritual. He coos and ahhs while I'm reading it which tells me he loves it as well.

This beautiful post on motherhood. I foresee lot's of blanket forts and dance parties in my future.


happy friday.