girl loves friday.

happy happy joy joy.
couldn't have come sooner. 

I wanted to blog all week but it was impossible to squeeze some extra time. And now I've forgotten all the things I wanted to blog about.
Really need to start keeping a notebook.  

Yet another big step towards my 2011 goal. I finally launched my photography website.
Check it out and let me know what you think. I may just have a give-away for one or two lucky comments. :)
And a quick survery about the website...
1. Should I add music?
2. Should I add "photography" to the end of lifelovepaper?

onto girl loves.

makes me want to redo my shelves. found here.

I'm totally infatuated with this mom's documentation of daily life.


wardrobe envy. desperately wanting to buy new clothes but not until all this extra baby weight is off.  

hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


(credits....polaroid digital template is from Paislee Press, tape strips from Pugly Pixel, hearts from Picnik, font is from Myfonts.)