listening: Mazzy Star
eating: greek yogurt
drinking: decaf skinny white chocolate mocha/water
wearing: skinny black jeans, soft grey tee and back oversized cardi.
feeling: a little tired. sometimes I feel even more tired when I get more sleep.
weather: blue's getting warmer!
wanting: a personal assistant. have I mentioned this before?
needing: not much. would like good morning hug from the boy though.
thinking: how awkward I can be sometimes.
enjoying: my hair. I know, sounds like I'm full of myself but I actually took the time to style it rather than running a brush through it and calling it good.
wondering: why some people can go through life being so cranky. I mean, I get it...we all have our days but sheesh, this person is constantly at a low point in her life.

I had such an awesome weekend.
Bought myself a few things on my short budget. Why have I never been to Kohls before? Also bought a few more sleepers. I'm addicted to sleepers, especially ones that zip.
My facial was fabulous. Not sure why I've never had one before..well, I know why. Because I'm cheap. But this was a gift from my guys so I had no excuse. When I got home from my mommy day, Jeff met me at the door to tell me my face was glowing. Yes, he actually used the word "glowing". Made me smile.
Family time together, visit from dad, surprise package from mom, red velvet cupcakes, shrimp & grits (my bday dinner this year) was all low key. Just the way I like it.

Put up some new artwork in my studio.
I downloaded these from one of my new favorite places on the web. New to me..not the web. There's also a great read on there about being a shy photographer. Actually there's a lot of great reads on the site. I finally found a tutorial on how to use a tilt shift lens which is pretty awesome.

Guess I should get on with my Wednesday.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!