girl out of sorts and of course, loves friday.

Lately, I've been feeling out of sorts.
I'm going to blame it on the weather and a few other minor events that took place this week but I'm done with it and not going to complain about here.
Instead I'm going to show ultra cute pics of my son because he's helping me get through this funk. 

These were taken the day he turned 4 months.
I'm amazed how much he's progressed in these few months.
*He has has to sit up (still with a little help) otherwise he gets frustrated.
He'll probably have a little 6 pack soon...when I do have him lying down, he keeps his head up in sort of like he's doing a crunch. 
*We do this thing where we roar at each other. He started doing this low, raspy roar a few weeks ago when I got home from work one day.
*He communicates a lot. Lot's of yells, and roars and ooohhhssss. He's not a quiet baby. 
*He did roll over from his back to belly for the first time this weekend and now he's a rolly polly. No more leaving him alone on the couch.
*He does well at tummy time but still doesn't prefer that position.
*He's super active and a jumper. Will probably follow his fathers footsteps and be an ace basketball player. We're already discussing colleges. :)
*He's now 20lbs and 26inches. I know. Big. 
*He's always happy and smiling except when he's tired. He takes after mommy and gets super grumpy.
*He's started to get attached to his blanky and likes to pull it over and on his face.
*He's super ticklish under his thighs up by his butt.
*He gets a little scared around other people but will quickly warm up to them.
*Hates the carseat.
*Loves his peek a boo apple toy
*He grabs at everything and puts it in his mouth.
*He's starting to feel things out. Like the skin on my arm or the fur on our dog.
*He usually has at least one strand of my hair clutched in his hands.



Anyhoo, here's a peek at an upcoming tutorial I'm going to have up on the Studio Calico blog.

Photo 1
Stay tuned for that.  

Lastly, I want to sort explain or retract something I said on last week's current post.

wondering: why some people can go through life being so cranky. I mean, I get it...we all have our days but sheesh, this person is constantly at a low point in her life. 

Kind of feel all upity about it. 
Not like I don't go through low points in my life...far from the truth. I just know that this particular person creates these "low points" and constant drama for herself. That's all. 
I never meant for that comment to be a broad judgement towards anyone and everyone. I feel like a shmuck for putting that out there.

Things I'm looking forward to this weekend?
Photoshoot with a boxer. Exciting about doing something different and out of my comfort zone.
Breakfast downtown with friends before said shoot.
Some much needed downtime with my guys. May even get out the stoller for walk outside, if it doesn't snow or get crazy windy. Seriously Anchoragites...that wind yesterday. Crazy, no? I was dodging trash cans, and pieces of roof shingle. Even our neighbors shed was flying in the air. No joke.
We were without power and heat all morning. Luckily the coffee stand down the road had power. Score!

Enjoy the spring weekend!

**quilt made by Jamaica