lost and not found.

My plan was to do a nice little give away here with something I had but like so many things in my home, has grown legs and wondered off to some dark corner to hide. Just in case you were wondering what said give away was/still will be, it's a $25 gift certificate to Studio Calico. I know, good one right? I'm going to tear through my craft room this week and I will find that sucker.  Still trying to get a feel for this new format. Wordpress is quite different than Typepad. As you can see, the banner is still just blinking boxes. I'm hoping to get to that soon. Thank you for all the positive feedback. I love the design. I've been wanting something more spiffy but didn't have the time or knowledge. If any of you were wondering....I didn't design this blog myself. Oh no. I purchased the design from Prophotoblogs.com. It was a limited edition and I was able to snatch one up before they were gone and they went fast.

On the mommy front....I have to admit that I don't give this kid enough credit. Let me explain. He is now a few weeks shy of being 6 months. Until a few weeks ago, he was still getting up twice, sometimes 3 times a night. After doing some reading, I found that I had created this monster. I should not have been so quick to give him the bottle each time he awoke at night. Little did I know that I was the one who was instilling this habit in my son. By this point, he should be sleeping through the night. I read several methods on how to quit this habit, one was the cry it out method which I found hard. I searched out  a solution that was sort of in between. The first night, he awoke and I let him cry for a little bit, then picked him up. He cried hysterically and I knew at this point, the bottle was necessary. At the time it was my instinct to do so instead of letting him cry for another umpteen minutes. The next day, I started to keep track of his feeding habits and there was my answer....he wasn't eating enough during the day. By day 3, he only got up once but only to let out a little cry and went right back to bed. Two weeks later, he's a champ sleeper. 11 straight hours of peaceful rest.

When I first read about all this, I immediately thought, this is going to be impossible. How am I suppose to break a habit he's had for the past 5 months? I didn't believe the book when it said the problem would resolve within 4-7 days. Pfft. Right.

Well, they were right. It did. Why I didn't feel confident enough in myself as a mom or my son is beyond me and I feel ashamed that I didn't give Tyler enough credit.

And so goes the trials and tribulations of being a new mom. :) xot.

ps...the above photo is what I call naked tummy time. He loves it. I found this out by him being super cranky one day. When I took his pj's off to see if he needed a diaper change, he immediately calmed down and started rolling around and laughing. So now I make it a point to give him naked tummy time each day. Seriously...when else is cellulite so cute?