I started currents last year as a way to get myself to blog more and I'm glad to see others using it as a prompt as well. But in true Tina fashion, as soon as something becomes popular and seen everywhere, I let it go. I sort of miss it though so I'll just revamp it in a way that's suitable for me now.

Seeking: more energy Needing: less naps Thinking: of new ideas Listening: to my husband and dog snore Watching: nothing Doing: editing photos, making notes Anticipating: our neighborhood garage sale this weekend, getting rid of 10 years worth of junk & scrap supplies Loving: convos with Tyler. Photos above are of him talking. I truly believe he is trying to tell me something of importance, maybe how his day went with his Grandma or that he can't wait for daddy to come home from work or that he's proud of himself for getting across my scraproom to an area I told him not to go to. Whatever it is, I listen whole-heartedly.


(polaroid frames via Pugly Pixel)