girl needed a break.

I had a long layover in Seattle on my way back home from Vegas. I was pretty much running on fumes being that I only slept all of 2 hours in the last day. Yes, 2 whole hours. That's just what you do when you have a few days to travel and,'s Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Walking around the city perked me right up though. That and finding Anthropologie. Truly love at first site. I had never stepped foot or purchased anything from this store before this day. I think I looked and touched everything they had in that building. Man, is it beautifully decorated. I picked up a few pretties for my kitchen. They were gracious enough, granted I paid shipping, to package it up and mail it home to Anchorage. Was not about to chance it by taking it on the plane. Directly next door was Urban Outfitters. Falling more into my retail coma. Found lots of cool things there as well...all of which are in route as we speak. I was good though. I only used the cash I had on hand which was not blown in Vegas. Had a few more hours to spend in the city so I did the tourist thing and headed down to Pike's Place. I don't think I've been here during peak tourist season and now I know why. I walked through quickly, hoping to find something for my nephew with no luck. Really, I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible because 1. I was starving. STARVING. 2. having little sleep and empty tummy makes one very irritable when dodging and weaving through the masses of wide eyed, camera wielding tourists. Finding a spot to sit, eat and people watch was not easy in that area. I walked in and out of a few places, finally finding some random half empty bagel shop to sit and relax. It was quite nice. It gave me time to reflect on my trip to Vegas to see my grandmother. That's really a whole other post which I plan on writing this week. Without going into too much detail out of respect for my family, all I will say is that I left there with a whole new perspective on life and just how short it is. I've never been more motivated into changing my own life and business goals. "if you don't like it, change it" It's so very simple and it's right there in front of me for the taking. It's not grasping the concept I find hard, it's the staying motivated that's the hurdle. And I'm not just speaking about my journey through the photography business. There are several other ventures I've had sketched out in my planner for quite some time now. Ones that I know are golden ideas. Ideas that are now being set into motion because of my new found appreciation for life. Those of you who have your own small do you stay on track? What keeps you motivated? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


(digital elements: Paislee Press Montage)