Currents: I am. I want. I'm not.

I'm not a hipster. I can't pull off vintage. I'm not always crafting cool stuff. I'm not a stay at home mom. I misspell words. I judge a book by it's cover. I don't always speak up. I often want what I can't have. I dream more than take action. I hate talking on the phone. I don't blog everyday. I'm not an artist. I dislike Facebook. I don't feel cool enough to Tweet. I pop my gum. I'm a smartass.

************************************************ I love more than I ever have. I appreciate the smallest gestures. I am passionate about photography. I'm a camera geek. I'm awkward. I own a fake Gucci bag. I want to be an entrepenuer. I want to be a stay at home mom. I know when to pick my battles. I shop the clearance rack. I scrapbook for myself. I'm a night owl. I'm honest with myself and with others. I want to be the best Tina I can be.

"If you're your authentic self, you have no competition. Focus on your strengths"

Scott Statten

Just sayin. XOT.

a note about the photo. i picked up this lomo 35mm film @ urban outfitters while in seattle. i've been wanting to put my pentax honeywell film camera into use since i purchased it several years ago from a gentlemen's garage sale. he said he use to be a photographer back in the day. well, i don't really think he "use to be". once you're a photographer, you're always a photographer. he also kept his equiptment prestine which you don't always see at garage sales. that's how i know he still had an appreciation for photography. i told him the camera would be appreciated and put into good use which in turn gave me a good price. i'm holding my end of the bargain. an old camera in such good condition should not be a decorative item on a shelf.  anyhow, i'm anxious to finish off the roll i quickly loaded once i returned home. hope to share those soon and give my reviews on the film.-tina