He's a total ham. He knows exactly when I'm photographing him either with my Canon or my Iphone.He's got 4 teeth. The top ones are throwing him for a loop. He lives to play. He loves his toys. He cannot sit still for a moment and is always on the go. He always seems to have some kind of scratch or nick on his face. He's crawling. He loves to stand. He's really long and lean and solid. His favorite food is all food. Still prefers to be in the buff. He loves to dance. Not a fan of being confined to the bouncy or the playpen. Loves the grocery store and grabs at everything. Still have not turned him into a lover of Target. ( I think this is because their shopping carts are as comfy) Currently being quite clingy towards me. Mimicks me clicking my tongue. Is learning to wake hello. Instantly rolls over when the diaper comes off. Makes changing a lot harder these days.


**digital elements by Paislee Press, Montage.