Finding Peace

My grandma Ruby passed away last Saturday, September 24th. She was ill and no longer her vibrant self when I saw her earlier this year. I spoke to her over the phone the day she passed. She could no longer speak but my grandfather told me she nodded her head knowingly. I hated myself for not being there that day. I hated that I forgot to tell her thank you for everything she's ever done for me. For shaping the person I am today. My creative drive is all from her. My love for baking comes from her. My ability to find a good sale and make a mean chicken fried steak is from her. My strong will and stubbornness comes from her. I miss her so much. But I know that she's back to being her vibrant self. She's at peace, no longer suffering. She's in Gods hands now and I pray that she's looking over all of us, especially my papa. The woman he's loved for almost 60 years is no longer here. My heart aches for him so badly. I do hope that with time he finds peace.

(One of my favorite photos of us. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking. She was a master at cakes and pies. She probably wouldn't like that I'm showing a photo of her in her curlers but this is how I remember her. She must have just taken her apron off because she always wore one in the kitchen.) Miss you Grandma. xot