oh friday, how I love thee.

Another week down, another weekend to enjoy.I'm not sure how many times I've mentioned to coworkers, friends and family..."can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?!". Can you though? And with Thanksgiving kicks off the whole rush of the holiday. Crap. I feel like I should be better prepared for all of this. But I'm not, never am until crunch time. I'm struggling to figure out where we're going to put our Christmas tree being that Tyler must and will get into everything he is not suppose to get into to. A tree decorated with pretty shiny sparkly things will surely throw him in a grabbing frenzy. Guess we'll figure it out. Even if the tree ends up being in the dining room, it will go up. December daily? Another one of my concerns. Everyone seems to have covers decorated and pages done and I'm left wondering where to start. I did a bit of planning tonight, gathering things from my stash, going through old kits. An SCer commented "shop your stash" on the boards which sounds like a perfect idea and one I intend to do. And the whopper, Tyler's first birthday. I'm stressing about hosting his party in our tiny, not so functional home. I'm worried about the projects that have yet to be completed, the walls that are semi decorated, the dust bunnies, the kitchen cabinets that desperatly need a new paint job. I looked into having it elsewhere but Vee says I should do it at home and she's right. Tyler would be way more comfy here and although it'll be COZY with 15 people in a small box, I will do my best to make if fun for the person who will matter the most that day. My boy.

I've got a few more mini Polaroid cards up in the shop for the weekend. I only have a few calendars left from the first print batch as well. I will be doing one more run and that'll be it for 2012!

Happy weekend everyone.