what i wore

ok so this is kind of a play of all the "what I wore" blog posts out there. these girls are beautiful and I admire that they can get themselves all dolled up and take a ton of awesome selfies. me on the other hand, not so much. My wardrobe is pretty bland, nothing crazy or vintage. Nothing expensive or trendy. Just regular. This outfit is a joke. No really. The story behind the jacket is my mother, who thinks I'm heavier than what I let on sent it to me last month. A size LARGE puffy coat. Bless her, she tries. She knows I've been uncomfortable with the extra baby weight I gained and still have not lost. Truth is, I haven't really tried. GASP. Shame on me, right? Uh, I just don't want to do the diet thing anymore. I feel as though I've been dieting and watching my weight since I was 12. Anyway, back to the ginormous puffy jacket. It's a Burton and I love that but I wish it were a size smaller and several inches shorter. Jeff said, and I quote "it looks like you're wearing a sleeping bag". This was with the hood on. I was like, "stop, now you're just being mean" and then I looked at myself in the mirror and almost died of laughter. This after a few beers on New Years Eve. I needed something warm to put on so we could watch the fireworks and thought, ok..perfect time to pull out that coat mom got because I would never wear it in public. I think he was just jealous because I lasted a lot longer outdoors in subzero temps than he did. Ha! So fast forward to the next morning when I ventured out to get us a couple of lattes. The coffee press wasn't cuttin the mustard after staying up WAY past my bedtime. It was even colder than the day before...my poor car almost didn't start. I wore the ugly coat out. In public, granted I was in my car the whole time. I looked a mess that day...I didn't even run a brush through my hair. Yes! Embrace messy hair ya'lls! Nope, it wasn't the good messy hair look. On goes the beanie and sunnies because my dark circles are looking fierce. And this is how this glorious Alaskan ensemble came together. I ran in after my coffee run and begged Jeff to take a photo of me outside and I'm not sure you can tell but I'm trying desperately to hold back my laughter.

This is an attempt to not take myself so seriously. Another resolution added to my 2012 list. :)

And look! My PL is coming along!

The only thing missing is a photo of Butters. Can't believe I left him out! I've got a little spot for him though. You know what I'm loving most about this project? That I'm not able to use my stash of coveted papers and Thickers. This is going to be so much fun. Great way to kick off the new year!