one snowy weekend

And yet, life goes on. It's funny, you'd think this would slow Alaskans down but it doesn't. We're still zipping around town, doing what we do. People like my brother who actually love these snowy weekends and hit the road with their sleds (aka snowmachines).  I wish I could have just chilled indoors but I had a date with my new hair stylist Saturday morning. I chopped it off folks. It had to be at least 5-6 inches of hair. It's still past my shoulders, right at my collar bone. And guess what? I totally don't have a photo to show. Reason 1. Although I liked my new stylist and the cut, I didn't care for how she styled it. Reason 2. Today when my hair looked like I wanted and I was dressed and make up done, my camera battery died. How annoying is that? me: ok, I'm ready (standing in the snow posing) Jeff: (camera in hand) silence me: are you shooting? (can't hear the shutter) Jeff: nothing's happening me: !?@! Jeff: did I break it? (he's too sweet) me: no, the batteries effing dead me: trudging in the house and pulling off my snowy clothes me: moping because I was finally pretty enough to have my photo taken me: getting back in leggings and one of Jeff's sweatshirts me: fishing out the battery charger and putting extra battery on my Amazon list Anyway. Saturday was pretty sweet since I got to have a few hours of time alone wandering around downtown. I had a few gift cards from Christmas burning a hole in my pocket so I found a pretty top and some photo props at Nordstroms. Then headed over to Ozarks to purchase another bottlebrush tree to add to my collection. I only buy them after the holidays when they are marked down. They're beautiful but I can't spend $40-$50 on them. After getting lost in Ozarks (such wonderful eyecandy in that place) I scoped out a few spots for an upcoming session. At this point the snowstorm was in full effect. I was held up by 2 accidents...sometimes I wonder how these things happen. Oh yeah, SLOW DOWN people. I'm not talking driving at snails pace or anything but you can't take that turn like you can in the summer or stop on a dime at an intersections. Sheesh. Finally arrived at the park I'm wanting to shoot at and wouldn't you know, another photo session is taking place. I could hear them yelling, "look, another photographer!".

Other weekend goodness... *Tyler is walking. Like just straight walking with his arms down, carrying stuff. No more crawling or holding onto things. It amazes me to have this mini person walking around the house. His "boy" mentallity is really shining through as well. He's loves lifting things bigger than himself and does this grunt while he lifts. Funny stuff. Cute as all get out. Not a day goes by without a laugh. Like when I peek around the corner to see what he's up too and he's sitting in the living room with one of his cars and talking to himself. I have no idea what he's saying but it's definitly something. He LOVES music. LOVES it. Dances to it every chance he gets. He's got moves, that's for sure. *How did I not know the new Jersy Shore was starting? This is such a guilty pleasure for me. *Cherry milkshakes. That's all. *No scrapping done but that's ok...needed a break from it. *Perfet parking spot downtown. Love when that happens. *Everything purcahsed was on sale and on gift cards means no money spent! (haircut was even comped!) *Amazing opportunity coming my way in April! (more on this later)

Hope you all had a great weekend! xot