Wasting time?

I'm always late posting my Studio Calico layouts here after the reveal. I started working on my post and the Make It Work bit but then I got sidetracked when I got my Bloglovin' email update and then of course that leads me to Pinterest and then it's really all downhill from there. BUT I'm on a blogging roll and I don't want to leave Monday empty so here's a photo and few bits of happiness while I write this out at 10:03 Sunday night.

*I just caught the season 3 premiere of Eastside & Down. Can't wait. *I've watched Black Swan 3 times now. It's the whole dark ballet aspect that I enjoy watching...the very end part. This coming from a person whose favorite movie use to be Center Stage. *Hubby's beard is growing back after he shaved it all off on a whim a few weeks ago. Tyler was kind of weirded out at first...he's never seen him without facial hair. I am also partial to bearded men. *Yoga. I'm thinking of joining a friend a few nights a week to do yoga. I suppose I should move forward to the actual doing rather than thinking. *Got all my materials and prints for the Currents paper packs but have hit a snag in the process. I thought I could get away with a paper cutter I purchased at Office Max. I've learned a serious lesson and will be investing in a better one. Just wish I could get it locally.

And now, I'm off to bed. xot