bits + pieces from today

I had a full day planned with Tyler but that sort of got nixed due to the snow. We still ventured out...just not as far as I'd hoped. No sense traveling to a part of town that's crazy busy in this kind of weather. We did manage to go to Micheals to grab a few neon paints + a screen (I can't let a coupon go to waste), then to the video store to grab a couple of dvds (yes, I'm old school) none of which I've manage to watch yet. Today was a perfect day to get back in our pjs + make a pot of chicken soup. Oh and some crafting + picture taking...obvi, right? I was finally able to capture little man loving on Butters. Is it not the cutest thing ever? Ty's actually saying "ooooo" as he's full on bear hugging the dog + you can see that he's just soaking it in. I tried stopping the kiss but Jeff told me to let it go. Apparently it happens a lot when I'm not looking. Some things you just can't stop.  :)