TGIF//Currents//sc peeks

Trying to free up some time to create for the shop and establishing a routine with the little one has left little time for blogging and reading blogs. My google reader is so neglected. I have moved over to Bloglovin which I'm enjoying more. Being able to see the whole blog page is awesome. Now it's just a matter of getting all my other blogs from google reader switched over. Am I boring you yet? My point is, I know I owe a lot of comments back to my readers and on my favorite blogs. When I worked, I was in front of a computer screen all day. With the new transition of staying at home/creative business owner, it's more proactive in the since of I'm not sitting all day. Seems like I do a lot more running around, which is good. My ass needs it. I missed Currents this week which makes me sad but then I'm thinking, why not do Currents on a different day? Silly me.

time: 9am location: kitchen counter eating: nada drinking: coffee (which I almost poured in a bottle. I'm tired people) loving: productivity loathing: wasted food (I've got to stop this) wondering: if I'll have a photoshoot tomorrow wishing: I was closer to my creative buds creating: some screen prints (can't wait to show you!) thinking: of what I need at the store

And some Studio Calico sneak before I take off....

Enjoy the weekend!