random thoughts + snippets

*Remember when I wrote about (part of) the reasoning on leaving my job? How much better the rythem of our lives were when I was home on the weekends? Week 3 and things are really good. Establishing a routine, busy working on creative endeavors, a good balance of time spent with family. Perfect? No, not at all but good. There are still worries + toddler frustrations (is it possible for the terrible twos to come on early?) Problems just don't seem as amplified as they use to.

*I've limited time on Pinterest and Bloglovin'. Those were my biggest time suckers. Seriously, I'd jump on Pinterest and say to myself, "I'll just look on the first couple of passes on the screen and I'm done." An hour later....I'm left wondering what just happened. Like when you go to Target for a few things and walk out with bags and a lot less in your bank account. Target + Pinterest must be related.

*I spoke to my mom this week who mentioned they were filming a tv show in front of her store. Being Korean and speaking ok English, she says "Gdrimm? You know what that is? Actor very handsome but I don know who he is. He come in all the time." I'm thinking, cool..wonder what he buys? I should ask her next time. Not sure why I didn't think to ask her before. So now I'm watching GRIMM on demand.

*Also very into SMASH which is odd because I'm not a "musicals" person.

*Printed a bunch of stuff tonight while listening to Bon Iver. Love getting my hands all inked up and the sound the squeegee makes when I pull it across the screen. I cannot wait to update my shop.