Sriracha obsessed.

Even in the thick of my whole eat healthy personal compaign, I still indulge in my go to comfort food and that's pretty much anything on top of white sticky rice. It's not like I'm opting to go low or no carb plus I'm half Korean. I must have my rice once in a while. Right now I like it topped with some cut veg, a fried runny egg, a liberal sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds and my favorite sauce, Sriracha. That's what makes this dish SO GOOD and now that I'm eating better, I've learn to enjoy dishes like this instead of just scarfing it down and feeling guilty about it.

Other obsessions at the moment.

*Girls - aka The Crackcident is my favorite episode. I watched it the other day after I put my son down for a nap and enjoyed every hilarious minute of it. *True Blood - YESSS. So glad it's back on. *Messages - love being able to text message on while I'm working on my laptop. Thanks Jed. *The idea of celebrating what I love rather than bashing what I hate. I need and plan to do this more. *Crisp, sweet apples. *Long jersey knit skirts.

A quick note before I turn in. Stamps are now in the shop and there will be more to come as well as some new screen prints.