Sometimes you just need to take a day.

Fourth of July, 2012 9:15 pm//home .............................

I spent an entire day with my husband and son and it was awesome. It was the kind of day where being alive and with the ones you love most are the only things that matter in life. We didn't leave the confines of our neighborhood. No shopping or errand running. No driving...well no...we did go out for a couple of lattes and a hot chocolate for the boy *. It was so relaxing. So good.

The house smells of freshly laundered sheets and lavender. The apple crisp still lingering in the air. I could bottle this and sell it, it's heavenly. I love these easy, simple summer holidays. I'm actually glad it was a little gray out. Sorry but I'm that girl. I can't stand the heat, the cool air feels so much better. I also love the sound of the fireworks and laughter in the distance although our dog is a nervous wreck.

This day was fully appreciated and needed. I hope you all had your own fully appreciated day! Happy 4th!


*sidenote-Tyler experienced his first hot chocolate last week. I decided it was time for a step up in the treat department. Seeing his baby hands holding a mini to go coffee cup filled with lukewarm cocoa was the highlight of my week. #parenthood #proudtoddlermommy #mymomisadork

*photo- UGMONK. I've fallen in love with a few screen print artists, Ugmonk being one of them. Combine that some pretty rad photos and you've had me at hello. I absolutely love this photograph. It's beautiful and appropriate for my today.