work in progress

It's funny when you're the crafty one in the family, you get the task of doing the creative projects for events such as birthday parties. Not a complaint, in fact I'm flattered. Now I get to use my tools and pretty papers for something other than the norm.

My nephew's 4th birthday party is going to be a plane theme. His mom showed me a photo of a cute airplane garland that decorated the table. Easy to me, a little more intricate to her. It's funny to interact with those who are not so inclined creatively. In my minds eye, I'm already planning on how to create the garland as soon as I see the photo. She's just wanting to buy it already made. I take joy in watching my Silhouette cut paper airplanes in no time, where as she would just see it as a chore maybe. I can appreciate this about her though and other friends who don't make things. Not because they can't but they simply don't want to. I just wish I heard this more rather than "I just don't have time".

This project is even more special since it's for this little dude's big birthday bash. I watched him come into this world 4 years ago. I just can't believe that much time has passed already.

Happy weekend, xot