20 months later

Being the mom to a busy toddler is extremely different than being a mom of a newborn. Neither is better or worse, just different. There are several books you read in preparation of becoming a mom, mostly on caring for newborns and scheduling and feedings. No one ever prepared me for parenting a toddler and I have to say part of me was not ready. The words I say the most these days are "Tyler" and "no". I feel he is constantly testing the waters aka me + his father to see how far he can get. And why wouldn't he? He doesn't know any better and that's where extreme patience comes in. (and breathing techniques) Sometimes I find that I have to walk away for a moment, especially after a long day of running and picking up after him. This isn't an everyday occurrence. I'm not the mom of a raving lunatic. I know this is just the norm for our life right now.

I started talking with other moms of toddlers. They confided in me about their tot's not so good ways and I did the same. It was such a relief to know what I felt was normal. Tyler is my sunshine. He can turn a frown upside down in a split second. I've learned a lot from him and myself because he is so much like me personality wise. Maybe that's why I get so frustrated...I'm dealing with a miniature Tina.

There are times I crave solidarity, peace and quiet. Oh do I love a clean quiet house. I never knew how much I loved those 2 things until I had a kid. If I can steal an hour to myself out of the day which is usually nap time, I'm happy. Even happier when the boy wakes up feeling refreshed and ready to give me a work out and a million laughs.


(Everday I love you more and more digital element is from Paislee Press's newest release, Meant To Be)