Where'd ya go?

My love for blogging. Totally lost. I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate that. I remember when it all started. I would write about the most mundane, random bullshit and I was happy with that. At least I have Instagram. Currents has totally gone, hasn't it? I do still jot it down in my journal and sketchbooks. But I haven't shared in awhile so here we go.

time: 9:05 pm location: couch (or as Kristi would put it, "couchin it") drinking: water eating: nothing but I'm jonesing for a bowl of ice cream watching: Louie (love.this.show.) feeling: apprehensive loving: my arse planted on this couch (I don't think I ever sit while the boy is up. I'm even scrapping and making standing up now. He keeps me on my toes people., it's no joke) thinking: so many things to do and make, so little time making: just completed a special project for a special project wanting: to be somewhere else (I desperately want to get out of the state for awhile but how do you travel with a toddler?!?!) needing: see above

And because it's Friday, gotta throw in some girl loves.

I'm so inspired by this, not only for the pretty typography but the overall message.

That's all. Happy Friday- XOT