So far...

Loving the newest Paislee Press releases, especially the theme of the More + Less kit which is so perfect for where I'm at with life right now. I also used the Round About Now Vol 2 labels as an overlay on a photo I took on New Years. Perfect way to start the month.

Here's my take on working with the smaller Handbooks versus a 12x12 binder + some random thoughts on this project so far.

+The smaller size is portable. I can work with on the floor or on my desk or sometimes on the kitchen counter (the floor usually wins out)  The only downfall is that it almost seems harder to pull weeks together. The compact size makes for a more compact way of documenting.

+Since pocket space is limited, I'm opting to not use too many filler cards...I want this to house the majority of my iPhone photos.

+I want to balance clean + simple with a few techniques.

+I'm really inspired by Pink Ronnie's Project Life.

+Helvetica + Trend are my go to fonts right now.

+This inspired me to start logging some of the weird, crazy things I say to my kid.

+In an effort to use more and hoard less, I'm choosing to use my most coveted papers like some letterpress cards I could never bring myself to use. Why not admire them in a book rather than keep them in a box? Seems so simple.

Happy Monday- XOT