New paislee press!

Paislee Press From Where I Stand. Such a cool kit. Perfectly suited for my series of "from where I stand" shots I took while I was in Portland. The one above is my favorite and was taken in a comic book shop. Lot's of cool local zines and inspiring art.

There are also journal cards that match the kit...FREE with the kit purchase until 5/19. I'm in the process of printing them now so I can work on my PL. I'm  not caught up quite yet but there's no stress at all. It's been a fun process so far. And it may seem like this PL in which I speak of doesn't exists since I hardly show it but it does. That was another "thing" I wanted to shake off and that was the stress of having blog/gallery worthy pages. It helps move me along. That and the ease of using these digital kits.

Hope your weekends are full of good stuff. Happy Friday. xot