let it snow

We're digging ourselves out of a weekend of non-stop snowfall. It was really quite pretty and I can't complain about it one bit. We are guaranteed a white Christmas, that's for sure.

Weekend highlights -the snow, naturally -spontaneous family portraits via iPhone propped up on chair, in the snow. Our dog is not photogenic like our past pups so it was insanely hard to get her in the shot. Mostly just her tail as she flew by us. Nice. -spontaneous sleepover with my niece. I had planned on getting some scrapping done but that all went south when she stepped in the door. Her parents were planning a surprise bedroom makeover for her and I was happy to oblige by keeping her for the weekend. Her and Tyler are two peas in a pod and I love seeing them play together. Even though she's 7 now, and I can see those "getting older" changes, she still knows how to get silly with a 3 year old. Love that.

Hope your weekend was filled with lovely, spontaneous things. Let's go Monday! (trying hard to be cheerful about that) xot