an honest rambling

Doing my own PL with a kit has been a positive addition to my workflow. Let me backtrack a little. I fretted about confining my PL to a kit which is weird considering I do this all the time with my full page layouts. Project Life or pocket documenting...whatever you want to call's personal, right? It's pockets hold pieces of our hearts, things that are most meaningful to us. I think we put way more into our pockets than we do with our traditional layouts. This goes for me at least and I've noticed the same with other documenters. So when I joined the PL team at SC, I felt a hint of regret. I'm speaking honestly here because I think there's this misconception that creative team members have their heads so far up companies asses that we forget why we're really doing this. For some, it's the glory. For others it's a job. But for all, it's for heart. Scrapbooking, documenting, taking a crazy amount of random ass photos of what we ingested that day takes a good amount of passion and heart. It's not easy. We all live very busy lives. But this is our art, our craft. It's what we choose to do when we have an hour to spare.

This is why I like working with kits. It's like going to Target except, Target is coming to me. All the things I went to Target for plus a few added surprises (hello....dollar spot!), that's what a kit is to me. It helps my workflow tremendously and inspires me like hell. I like the challenge for sure. There are items that I turn my nose to but it's about utilizing that item to suite your needs (most times) I still have a very hard time using bulky items in my PL.

Why am I spouting off about all of this? Because I want to make it very clear that I do this for love. Yes, I do get paid but there's no way I would do it without love & passion. I've managed to turn my craft into an income to help support my family. I am blessed to do be able to do this but it ain't easy and I'm surely not fanning out dollar bills in the air. I also don't think it commands the respect I would get if I worked a normal 9-5 job. Trying to explain to my family what it is I do exactly is pointless. They'll never get it.

Hopefully this post doesn't sound too much like a rant. It wasn't my intention. I'm just trying to give you an honest perspective of a person who chooses to be on design teams and craft for money.

On a lighter note (I love when newscasters do this) above is a little sneak of the Sugar Rush Project Life kit. Kind of loving sewing directly on photo. It adds that little bit of dimension and texture without the bulk (insert thumbs up emoji).