workspace wednesday


Lunchtime! Whipped up a quick and spicy wonton soup using frozen shrimp wontons I made last week. I used this recipe for the wontons. Made & ate a few then froze the rest. My quick broth recipe: (single serving if you're hungry)

4 cups water 1 Knorr's chicken bouillon cube a generous tablespoon of low sodium soy sauce a few drops of toasted sesame oil a generous teaspoon of garlic chili sauce a little bit of salt garnish with cilantro

Bring ingredients to a gentle boil, turn down the heat and simmer. Add frozen (or fresh) wontons. I added 5. Cook about 10 minutes for frozen wonton, less time for fresh. Add cilantro or sliced scallion. Maybe a little dash of Sriracha sauce. :)

-I usually add a small knob of ginger (leave whole) and sliced scallions but I didn't have those on hand at the time. The cilantro was an after thought but it was just as delicious.

Forever eating at my desk. Working on a series of 5x7 screen prints that will debut next week. Chose to not turn on Pandora like I usually do. The quiet was perfect. Emails & bills, etc. This  is my workspace wednesday. aka #hfworkspacewednesday