girl loves friday

Man, I think I have a blog schedule down and then something comes up and throws a loop in everything and then there's nothing here for weeks. This time is was the stomach flu. I remember thinking, "I broke my record" when it came to a sudden start. Ugh, the stomach flu. I would say it's the worst but it's not. That's dramatic me.

And then you get the "do you think you're pregnant?" and my response is, "um, no. it's the straight up flu mom." annoying that everyone immediately throws the pregnancy card out when you feel the slightest onset of nausea.

So next week things will be back on track. I want to finish up my process series and a few other crafty projects my son and I worked on last week. You may have seen it on my IG feed.

Now, I want to wish you a very happy FRIDAY. Enjoy the weekend. I hope it's filled with lot's of spring projects or not. Lazy weekends are good too. :)