weekend well spent

  We're currently re-doing the spare bedroom that use to be my craft room, that turned into an office/storage area after my son was born. I'm reclaiming it again, working to achieve some sort of functionality. I can't promise myself that I will be the most organized ever but I can promise to make the room useable for both my son and I.

Anytime he sees me with my brush markers or watercolors and stamps (he loves the stamps the most) he wants to join in. I don't have a problem with that at all. We just need a better place than the floor which is our current art space situation.

The supplies, the papers...it's become too much. I've purged like I've never purged before. I lost a lot of space when I happily sold my monster of a desk on Craigslist last week. Great storage but way too big for the small space. My new desk has 1 drawer. ONE.

Shelves have been taken off the wall. The "accent wall" I thought was a great idea at the time has been painted over. Bright white pegboard now hang on a wall that has been bare for many years thanks to my dear sweet husband.

I'm still in the purging state of a room re-do, filling up more trash bags by the day.

Apparently  I was obsessed with this KI Memories font. I do remember buying every single color I could get my hands on. Those and American Craft rub ons. They're so old, they won't rub off anymore but I'm going to figure out a way to repurpose the one above because I still love that font.

I'll post more soon! This is going to be a doozy of project since I have several things that need repainting. An old Mother's Cookie display shelf my hubby shlept home knowing I could use it in my then craft room and a vintage children's school desk that was also free. Lot's of spray paint will be put into good use. Time to get all those thrifted treasures out of the garage and put into action!