Current Pins and Weekend List

Current Pins & inspiration

1. This photo makes my heart ache. It looks exactly like my old dog Butters. Miss him so much. (original source unknown) 2. Weekend craft with Tyler. He is a super hero fanatic. 3. come hither. (original source unkown) 4. that hat. 5. roar. I want this for Tyler's room. 6. I will have this nail color by the weekend. 7. coolest Disney scrapbook by Nirupama Kumar 8. simply put.  9. green on pink. 10. drawn & type. 11. hang. 12. color. 13. Ode to the Captain. 14. Moonrise Illustrated. 15. Layout inspiration for upcoming Poets Society kit. 16. color. 

This weekend I will paint my nails said color, work on the next set of screen printed goods other new shop items, paper craft, make pearler bead super heroes, play with legos, Portland planning, repot a few plants and binge watch The Killing on Netflix.

What's on your weekend list? xot