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Today I've chosen two very lovely 20 something ladies whose photos I consistently "like". Not only for their eye of capturing their surroundings but for their artistic creative style.

Seeing the world today through fresh eyes is a great inspiration for me. We always look to our youth for what's current or "trending" but it's more than that for me. Maybe I'm sort of living vicariously through their snippets of life wishing I had done more with myself at that age. I chose to do what was expected of me rather than to follow a dream and passion. A career doing something creative wasn't a solid future and even now, I don't think my family even has a clue as to what I do and that I actually earn an income in the creative field. That's for another day. :) 

Let's start with Kari Stiles, currently studying Graphic Design at SJSU. She shoots amazing photos that are seemingly simple but hold so much detail and the right amount of light.

LLP blog | IG love | Kari Stiles
LLP blog | IG love | Kari Stiles

She's also a paper crafter who is currently doing creative work for Kelly Purkey stamps + kits. Kari has a very clean, graphic style that translates both in her photography and paper crafting. Love her use of stamps in the layout below. 

LLP BLog | IG Love | Kari Stiles

Kara Haupt is a lovely young miss (ok, that makes me sound old) that I've followed for quite some time, even before IG started. She was/is one of my favorite paper crafters/makers.

LLP blog | IG Love | Kara Haupt

I had the opportunity to meet her during my recent trip to Portland. Not to sound creepy but I was totally smitten by her attitude and intellect. It made me think of myself at that age, not that I was anywhere near her status. I was on the opposite spectrum, young, dumb and reckless. I envy her drive and passion as well as her photographs. Her self portraits and notes to self are top notch and worth a look if you don't already follow her.

LLP blog | IG Love | Kara Haupt
LLP Blog | IG Love | Kara Haupt

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