Goal #13

Shop now: Minted.

Shop now: Minted.com.

I'm happy to announce that 2 of the 3 photographs I submitted to Minted.com's photography challenge won! I'm totally happy with the "edititor's choice" awards although I'm not entirely sure if they will be available for sale at this point. 

This was a big goal on my 2015 list. Something I doubted doing, even up to the last minute of the contest deadline. I tend to talk myself out of things, things that I know would help me grow as an artist. Honesty, I get scared of putting myself out there. Maybe it's fear of rejection or criticism but shit, if we did bow out of opportunities simply out of fear, we would get no where. We would be stagnant which is far more scary than jumping into something new.

Creating waves and not standing on my island of comfort and stillness….that is the ultimate goal and I'm happy I'm getting there one step at a time. 

Let's go Monday!