I'm closing up shop this week to get things cleaned up and you will also notice my blog is going through some changes as well. Still trying to get use to working with Squarespace and getting everything the way I like it. And I'll be honest….I'm struggling a little bit with my identity, my logo specifically. I'm in between hiring someone or trying to come up with something myself. I wonder what kind of artist I would I be if I didn't do it myself? Thoughts? 

I'm happy to see some of you enjoying the week end download from Friday! Seeing them used on blogs + Instagram! Makes me so happy. Just one highlight from a great weekend. 

We enjoyed the 3 Barons Renaissance fair which was Tyler's first time going. I haven't been myself for many many years. I fondly remember my last visit being hungover from the night before and noshing on a reindeer hotdog like it was the best thing I've ever eaten. It actually was very good. 

LLP blog | get to work book

I also did some creative work which included adding a patten in my Get To Work book. I plan on recovering the front too which no disrespect to the original design. It's great. The whole book is great. But 2 reasons for why I'm going to recover. 1. I love to customize and set my own belongings apart and I think the simple design of the book just begs for it. I love that. 2. I already have some sticky little 4 year old finger prints showing on the kraft cover. This is because he often sets the table for dinner which is currently my office. See past blog past as to why. 

I'm not a planner girl. I still don't fully understand the planner outbreak but I'm slowly creeping in on the idea. 

Lastly, I'm so close to finishing The Goldfinch. So close. I forced myself to go to bed when I realized it was 1am last night or…this morning. And then Tyler waking me up bright and early (6am). It's hard to put down. I know everyone and their moms have read this already but if you haven't, it's worth putting on your list.