1. Love not only seeing art in progress but the same image in sequence//idea for a layout. 2. Replace draw with make//that's me. 3. Toddler advice I need to read//quiet time for toddlers who no longer nap. 4. I can't say that I'm a huge lover of pb&j's but in the form of a donut, well now that's a different story. 5. Color inspiration//pops of pink. 6. Light. Light. Shadow & light. 7. The wonton soup I made & put up on my IG this week//SO GOOD. *added less ginger to the wonton mixture and a little more cabbage. also added soy sauce + Sriracha to the broth. 8. More color inspiratoin//pastel + pop. 9. Couldn't be more perfect. (can't find the original source. pin)

Happy Weekend. xot



This donut recipe has been sitting in my "like" Pinterest page for awhile. It boasts (the descriptoin of the Pin) that it's the original Krispy Kreme recipe which it is not. Not to say they're not delicious and that there isn't one left from the batch I made this morning. Well...we made.

The boy automatically pulls out a chair when he sees the big tub of flour come out. I've come to embrace it. It gets messy but I love seeing how into it he is.

I wanted to make something special this morning so I started the dough first thing. I liked what she said about this being an easy recipe and the tip on keeping the room well ventilated.

These donut holes were SO GOOD. I had the oil a little too hot so they browned really quickly but they still came out fine. The boys enjoyed them a lot. The outside had a light crispy texture and the inside was soft and slighty dense + chewy. That's what made it different from a Krispy Kreme donut.  Definitely keeping the recipe for future use.

* a few personl notes I used just under a 2 cups of flour which was perfect. I let the oil get too hot, may need to invest in a thermometer. This recipe made the perfect amount for 2 adults + 1 hungry toddler. I liked that it wasn't a recipe that would feed an army.



time: 2:18 pm location: my side of the couch mood: reluctant, indecisive eating: spring rolls drinking: gatorade watching: Grey's, season 8 reading: Amy Tan's new book - available at Studio Calico today loving: the Apple TV we got for Christmas learning: to embrace the good with the bad thinking: that I'm in desperate need of a new hair style or at least a cut wishing: I knew the answers to everything


Current Pins

What do your latest pins say about you?


3. Loving charcoal colored walls. I've been contemplating this for a wall in our living room to sort of detract from our slate fireplace. Our home is definitely a cozy one and our living space is limited. Why the builders put a huge slate fire place in the living room is beyond me but it's here to stay and I need to find a way to work around it.

5. I've been really interested in making more of my own baked goods and these crackers look simply awesome.

6. This lasagna soup recipe was really really good, especially on a chilly winter day served with good home made french bread. I halved the recipe & used a half jar of spagetti sauce instead of diced tomatoes since we were out. Love being able to improvise a recipe with good results.

7. Purging A TON OF NEEDLESS STUFF lately and loving it.

14. The combination of a tidy workspace and beautiful natural light has me redecorating my office again.

You can find the links to these pins on my Pinterest board.



Where'd ya go?

My love for blogging. Totally lost. I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate that. I remember when it all started. I would write about the most mundane, random bullshit and I was happy with that. At least I have Instagram. Currents has totally gone, hasn't it? I do still jot it down in my journal and sketchbooks. But I haven't shared in awhile so here we go.

time: 9:05 pm location: couch (or as Kristi would put it, "couchin it") drinking: water eating: nothing but I'm jonesing for a bowl of ice cream watching: Louie ( feeling: apprehensive loving: my arse planted on this couch (I don't think I ever sit while the boy is up. I'm even scrapping and making standing up now. He keeps me on my toes people., it's no joke) thinking: so many things to do and make, so little time making: just completed a special project for a special project wanting: to be somewhere else (I desperately want to get out of the state for awhile but how do you travel with a toddler?!?!) needing: see above

And because it's Friday, gotta throw in some girl loves.

I'm so inspired by this, not only for the pretty typography but the overall message.

That's all. Happy Friday- XOT