Finally getting back to things now that I've got my laptop almost cleaned up and my wifi back on! For those of you who have experienced the dreaded "scratch disk full" error, you know my pain. It's actually a good thing this has happened. I'm learning to clean up files as I go. One step closer to my getting organized! A skill I truly lack.

I am so behind on my DD13. Feeling a bit of the Christmas MEH lately because of that. This weekend will be dedicated to Christmas movies (Family Stone & Love Actually), hot cocoa with a splendid amount of marshmallows & documenting my December thus far.

happy weekend, xot

**MEH is a apart of the letterpress plate set I designed for Studio Calico. It's going to get some good use this weekend.

oh Monday


+beautiful sweater +very appropriate quote

You know how I feel about sweaters + fall. I think it's pretty much all I've been pinning as of late. Don't forget to grab your fall time LLP printables! Use code SWEATERS13 to recieve 10 percent off your purchase now through Wednesday.

Did you get a peek of Studio Calico's November kit? It's pretty amazing and has made my top 3 kits of 2013. It definilty has a cozy, slightly masculine feel.

Well....it's another Monday but I have a feeling it's going to be an epic one. Or at least I'm hoping for an epic Monday. xot

TGI...go to sleep!!

I am currently listening to my toddler jumping up and down in his crib yelling "mom, mom, mom". He's always been so good about bedtime until his second birthday. I really shouldn't complain because this only happens a handful a times a month. I should be so lucky. He just seems to pick the nights when I have several things I need to scratch off my to do list before I hit the sack. #workfromhomemomproblems.

It's good. I'm just venting to whoever will listen. I know some of you moms feel me on this.

SO. Here are some of my February Studio Calico sneaks. I'm loving the kit overall. I'm in this weird "block everything in the center of the page" moment in my scrabooking.

I can't seem to leave a wood veneer anything off a page. : )

sidenote.....the boy is finally settling down. *sigh

Ok, I'd love to know. Those who have a bonified winter. I'm talking snow, dark, COLD. What do you do to beat the winter blahs? Do you treat yourself to anything special? Or just full on embrace all that winter throws at you?

I'm just curious as to what others might do. I keep it half and half. I'm ok with winter. We're not best friends but we're cordial. There are some days that just get to me though. On the plus side, we are gaining daylight! I noticed it today a little after 4pm. L O V E  THAT.

Happy Weekend! XOT

weekend review

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! It snowed so we pretty much stayed in (like we usually do) with the exception of getting bundled up and playing in said snow. I really wanted to do a "no spend" weekend but of course, it's incredibly hard to not spend a single penny especially when it's coffee/cocoa Saturday & the newest issue of Martha Stewart is out. Plus the other things that have become essentials...milk, Pull Ups, mailing envelopes. How do people do it for months at a time?!

Well...in great effort to not drive to Target or browse Etsy, I kept myself busy creating/making and enjoying.

I saw something like this on Pinterest but I didn't follow the recipe. Seemed simple enough. I didn't want to let the prepared pie crust that was purchased for Christmas dessert (that never happened) go to waste. I just rolled it out a bit, cut into squares and plopped in some cream cheese and a dollop of strawberry preserves. It was pretty good. It's actually the first time I used prepared crust and was quite impressed.

I scrapbooked a lot. Mainly because it's crunch time. SC is really stepping up their game with cool artwork from Matt Wilson. The card shown is from the Project Life kit. I'm cutting it down to fit onto a layout. Why? Because I'm on the scrapbook team and I want to show the versatility of the Project Life kit. I used part of it in my personal 2013 Handbook and the other part in my Studio Calico gallery layouts. I love that I'm able to do that. I feel like I'm stretching my kits and using them to their full potential.

Tyler's uncle Brian got him the raddest gift this past Christmas. Too bad he can't take it outside yet. Until then, we'll be practicing our trike riding indoors. The things you do as an Alaskan tot.

I'm sad to report that this old guy isn't doing so well. He's just not eating and seems to be going down the same path our first dog went through. Tootie's passing was a devastating blow to my heart. I'm not prepared to deal with another loss, especially when we have to factor in a little boy who kisses his dog good night + whose third word was "jes". I'm trying to just enjoy the time I have with now + make him as comfortable as possible.

Ok, time to get sh*t done. Go Monday! XOT