girl loves friday.

photog style fall 2012


I've learned a few things here and there on what to wear for a photoshoot. I think we all focus so much on what a client should wear that we don't consider the importance of the photographer's attire. I found that although I love wearing scarves, it would constantly get intertwined with my camera strap. Plus I tend to overheat midway through the session so I ended up tossing my scarf in my bag. Who says photographing doesn't burn calories? I always wear layers in the fall/winter because of this. I also don't own an actual camera bag. It's on my want/need list but for now, I use a cross-body bag. I only use 2 lenses so it works out for me. I wear boots because I tend to not watch wear I step and because I'm normally outdoors, I've been known to step right into dog bombs as well as goose droppings. Easy to wash off when I get home. I just slip my boots off and into my Toms when I get in my car. I wear jeans that I don't mind getting dirty because half the time I'm on my knees.
There have been times I've just thought I could get away with wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt as I book shoots first thing on Saturday mornings but what kind of message would I put across to the client? In a creative profession, I think it's important to dress in a manner that fits your image and your photography style.
Happy Friday everyone! I'll be enjoying my holiday weekend with multiple sessions, laundry + this little goober.

Nina + Aaron

So happy for my friend Nina and her sweet man Aaron. These two are so cute together. Although I don't generally shoot weddings, I was happy to be a part of theirs. They were married in a small courthouse ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. One of my favorite moments of a wedding is watching the parents come in to welcome their new son and daughter. Makes me happy to see families joining together. xot.