it was a good thing...

...that I took a some time away from blogging because all you would be reading is ranting and crying and rage.That is how the past 6 days have been. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad but I've just felt as though the universe has been against me. Being a true believer in karma, I had to have done something wrong to deserve all this bad luck, right? It's all good now. (knocking feverishly on wood) I will be minding my p's and q's from now on. No testing fate any time soon. I know, this all sounds vague but trust me, some things are best left unblogged. In the meantime, I still have not fully done my December Daily in the scrapping sense. In the photo sense, yes...I have been partaking. And note taking. And ephemera keeping. It'll all come together soon. Maybe during Christmas break. Pffft. Who am I kidding.

Day 10: My niece stays over and after she leaves, we breath a sigh of relief and now feel like Tyler is a breeze to handle. This girl is a ball of chaotic energy. Zoom, zoom, go there, now I'm here, what's this, why that, etc, etc, etc. Love her though. She's still my little photo muse. Always will be.

Day 12: I have a 1/2 hour of daylight to work with and I've been wanting to get this bokeh shot for like ever. He wasn't feeling it so much, mostly because I was rushing the process and held off on lunch for said daylight. Also because his jumper was too tight but he got it for his birthday and I loved it. There's a moose printed of the front which of course is being covered by the tree. It's been an exhausting week and it's only Tuesday! oy. xot


Remember when I was going to go cool for Halloween? Didn't happen. I ended up going cute with this monkey suit purchased at Target.The monkey is a pretty significant animal in Tyler's life. His favorite book? 5 Silly Monkeys. The binding is hanging on by a thread and we read it to him at least 3 times a day. One of two lovies is his stuffed monkey. He rubs this monkeys paw against his face when we lay him in bed at night to sleep. It's so cute to watch. So I had to go for the monkey suit when I saw it hanging on the rack. No trick or treating for us though. It's snowing like crazy tonight. We're chillin', watching Halloween cartoon specials and waiting for the few trick or treaters we get. (also eating a fair share of Bottlecaps).


Chase + Addison. Fall mini shoot.

I'm definitly finding that I love working more with children when shooting. I love all surprises and the off moments they have. The pouting, the laughter and giggles, the all around lightness that surrounds them. Part of me wants to stress out with the looming expectations of parents but I have to let that go. I can't stress enough to inquiring clients to really get a feel for my point of view. None of my photos are perfect or staged and I can't imagine ever expecting that from a young child. I'm all about having fun and working with kids. I probably have more fun than they do. :)