pin to action//chicken + dumplings

Tyler caught a nasty bug last Friday. I haven't seen my boy in this bad of shape since his surgery last year. Naturally his parents would catch the virus. After just recovering from the cold I had just a month ago, I saught out other remedies other than the usual hot tea with lemon and a healthy dose of Nyquil. I'm giving Zycam a try + so far it's working. Not expecting miracles...I know there's no actual cure for a cold but this so far is lessening the damage. I don't feel as bad but my head/nose is stuffy. I can live with that for now. It's the tiredness + body aches that get me.

Another usual cold fix is homemade soup. It's something I crave ever since my dad made me a batch of homemade chicken soup in the crock pot when I was sick. That hot brothy goodness warms your insides and for a moment, you forget how sh*tty you feel.

It doesn't take too much effort. Just throw a whole chicken in the crockpot with salt + pepper and some cut up veg. I used onion, carrots + celery. I also used a bullion cube + some water. I set it on high since I was in a hurry. My first intention was to make chicken noodle soup but then I felt like something a little more heartier. I craved chicken + dumplings. Not the usual Martha Stewart recipe I make though. I wanted a more authentic dumpling. I scoured Pinterest and came across this recipe. So easy to put together + so worth the extra step of rolling + cutting out dough for the dumplings.

After the chicken is done, I pulled it out and set it aside. Then I poured the broth through a fine mesh strainer. Homemade chicken broth. Done. I followed the recipe and used the cooked chicken instead of the rotisserie one. I loved that it was still somewhat brothy as opposed to super thick. We all enjoyed it cuddled up on the couch. So good + comforting. Seriously the best medicine.

What kind of things do you crave when you're down with the crud? xot