girl loves friday

Well here we are. My very last day at work! Another thing I will not miss is my hand cramping from all the data entry. Or the sore back from slouching at my desk. Or the booty numbing I would get from sitting all day. Watching soaps + noshing on bonbons? More like morning Yoga classes, meet ups with friends, doctor apts, creative work and photo shoot with future model. Can't wait to get a move on with new path. Thanks for the lovely comments and emails guys! Onto girl loves.... *quote source* *pillow* *wall art*

girl loves friday

After deleting my entry several times, I think it's best to just bid you all a happy friday. My brain is completely fried after a long week and I am worn out. I will be very happy to be able to catch up on some sleep this weekend. Maybe even sneak a nap in if I'm lucky. :) Before I take off to plant my butt on the couch + watch Jersey Shore (don't judge me), I wanted to steer you over to the Studio Calico blog to check out a quickie Project Life tutorial. These handmade cards are about the only thing I have slotted in my page protectors and I'm glad I made a big batch before the new year started.

Ok lovelies, I'm out. xot

Items used in tutorial: Mists, Clay + White + Atmosphere Ampersand Mask Journal Spots More Gray More Kraft Asterisks

girl loves friday

Well...this has certainly been a week to remember with the leaving of the day job and all. February 15th will be my last day sitting behind a desk and doing work that I no longer enjoy. I sit here eating my yogurt, shaking my head at that last sentence. 2/15 seems like forever and until then, I will still do my work as best I can. I vow to not get "short timers" and finish out the remainder of my time being the employee I have been for the past 11 years. No reason to burn bridges, right? Although admittedly, when I get an email that makes me want to scream "!)#@ I'm not dealing with this anymore" I take a deep breath, glance a the calendar and remind myself that it will all be ok. Onto girl loves....

Here we are in the third week of Project Life 2012 and I've hit a wall. I don't want to give up but it's just not striking me as awsomely as my friend's PL's.  Vee's is the layering queen and it all just comes together so well. Then Jed's who makes me want to chuck my 12X12 out the window.

If I were a fashionista blogger, I would want to be like her. Loving this bold contrast of color.

And how about another "make" statement.

Happy Friday! xot.

girl loves friday

I really wish I could stay in today and not drive anywhere. It's pretty nasty out with the latest snow storm to hit Anchorage. Kind of freaked me out at one point when all I could see was white, no road. I was so happy I made it home safely. Other than that, it's been a fair week and I'm ready for it to be over.

Onto girl loves.

*Now that I've Cameo'd basic things I've downloaded in their store, I'm ready to venture out and do some of my own designs. This inspires me to do just that. *I've been tossing the idea of converting our garage into a studio so I can take quirky family photos (like this) of us. *beautiful quote.


girl loves friday

Haven't done this on in a long time. But now with the help of Pinterest, it'll be a bit easier to get back on track. *Kind of loving neons + brights in a big way. I wish I would have seen this banner before Tyler's first birthday. I love the mix of shapes. *This steak recipe from Pioneer Woman. She really can do no wrong. *I never tire of reading this quote from the late Steve Jobs. "...The only way to do great work is to love what you do." Now that I think about it, I'm going to print it out and frame it. *Loving this cozy neutral look. Except my sweater would have to be a tad longer since I do not have perfect model thighs or butt. Add thick socks=perfect weekend "I'm staying in because it's too effing cold to do anything + I plan on burying myself in paper and project life bits" outfit.

Happy Friday! xot