life right now.

I'm not even going to lie...I am the exact opposite of healthy living right now. Ice cream + coffee for dinner, tv watching, staying up way past my bed time. Instead of doing 6+ things during Tyler's nap, I crash on the couch for a siesta. Funny thing is I feel guilty for doing so. My body is telling me to slow down. I'm running in so many different directions at 100 miles an hour most days. I shouldn't feel guilty for closing my eyes and resting for an hour, right? But I do. I'm sure all my unhealthy choices may be contributing to my tiredness lately. That and the onset of winter. And can I just say that with all the books I've read on babies, not one hinted on how busy I would be chasing and taking things away. My goodness, that kid runs me ragged. He is such a busy body, moving every which way. It's craziness I tell you and I was not prepared. Not in the way I like to be. The craziest part is that he's now entered into temper-tantrum territory. If you pull him away from something he's trying to get into, watch out. I couldn't help but sit back and laugh when I witnessed this for the first time. Ah..good times.

xot. ps. I forgot to add that the concoction above is my husband's creation. I've always been a plain vanilla girl but he proclaimed this to be the best thing since white bread. I fought it for awhile until I thought, what the hell. OMG. Deliciousness at it's finest people. If you're into the salty/sweet combo, I would highly recommend this.