magic monday

This whole magic thing. It's been on my mind for awhile. It started one Monday when I was driving Tyler to daycare. I had a long list of to dos and the inspiration level was on high. I said to my son, "Tyler, mommy is going to make magic today." He replied, "magic?!" in the funniest voice. It totally blew his mind. It held me accountable though, saying it out loud. Not just something I said in my head and dismiss later.

It's a day I put ideas into action. I'm hoping to reveal LLP's new designs by the end of the week. Sneaks will be posted on my IG account. I'm also going to hold flash sales of misc items like misprints and items that didn't quite make the cut.

It kind of makes me sad that I missed out on this print which is kind of perfect. I know Mondays are/can be a drag. Trust me, I know this. But I'm trying to tackle it in a more positive way, hence Magic Monday.

Mondays are for action. Mondays are for magic.


PS. The ladies at A Beautiful Mess were kind enough to send me their new PS actions to play with. The photo above was done using Paris in ABM's Fresh Collection. I'm a big fan of hazy photos. This particular PS action is gorgeous. The best part about these actions is that each layer is customizable meaning you can adjust the opacity and delete certain layers to create something completely unique.