Much needed

I took a much needed break from my blog, my paper...most creative acts were put on hold. I've taken a few photographs but not as much I usually do. I didn't scrap or jot down notes. I just lived and it was nice. It's funny how living a creative life can become overwhelming at times. I knew that I was needed elsewhere and not held up in front of my computer or behind the lens or surrounded by mounds of patterned paper and embellishments. Tyler needed my attention and my family needed my attention. I needed my attention. Tyler is recovering like a champ. My aunt who is visiting from Vegas is out and about doing all the fun Alaska touristy things and I enjoyed my a 5 year old neice's mani pedi birthday party which really was one of the best birthday parties I've every attended.

I also turned 34.

That number seems bizarre. I don't feel 34 but then again, what in the hell is 34 suppose to feel like? Not sure but it seriously felt like any other day until I walked downstairs, tot in arms and saw the artwork that was made for me. Apparently Jeff and Tyler had some fun with finger paints the day before while I was out. Probably the best gift ever. (next to the nap I got to take on this past Saturday) I later had flowers delivered from a few good friends + Jeff came home from work with a couple dozen tulips (love) and an ice cream cake (double love). It was a pretty chill day....really couldn't have asked for anything more.

Now it's back to deadlines and schedules and creative goodness starting with Fat Mum Slim's April photo prompts. I saw it on a fellow Instagramer's stream and thought, humph...why not?

Let's go April!