The holidays and pretty bokeh go hand in hand, no? I think I take at least a dozen bokeh shots in a week but it's fun to mix it up and add some shapes to those lights. I've provided a few free cut files for you to try. If you don't have an electronic cutting machine like a Silhouette, you can print the PDF and use an Xacto knife. btw, Studio Calico is offering a Silhouette might want to add that to your wish list. Total game changer for me.

The circle will fit perfectly into a 50mm or 85mm lens. It's a tad loose so they come out easily. Just add a few pieces of washi tape to hold it in place. Ideally you want to use black card stock but I didn't have any on hand so I used a dark gray. Worked just as well.


I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a 50 mm 1.4 lens. I also like to use an 85mm 1.4 lens for bokeh. If you don't know how to capture bokeh, set your lens to manual and twist the lens until you see your lights going out of focus. This is where you can experiment to see what settings will give you the best results as I'm sure is varies.

Have fun!



1000 Words

Hey guys!

We're nearing the end of sign ups for the 1000 Words class! So much information and inspiration on photography will be provided in this class not to mention some freebies like printable pdf's and digital brushes. There will also be a few give aways for students as well like rubber stamps from Life.Love.Paper. The Studio Calico blog is giving away 1 spot in the class. After submitting your comment there, hop over to each teacher and contributer listed for a chance to win a $10 gift code to use towards the purchase of the class.

Post your comment below and tell me what your photographing right now. If you're not, then you should definitely be signing up for this class! :)


Washi Workshop Giveaway

Yes, another post about Washi tape and how much I love it so. Funny thing is I probably photograph it as much as I use it. I'm not sure if it's the precise circles, the vast array of colors and patterns or just that they're so pretty to look at (all of the above really) but I love photographing and admiring my collection. It's strange, I know this. But I ask you to try it because it's fun and it's your collection. You know you admire it from a distance when it's not in use. Go ahead. Set up a little photo shoot and snap your washi collection. I'd love to see! Post your photos here, please? So I don't feel so abnormal? :) It is not a requirement for the giveaway though. Yes, a giveaway and a blog hop so after you post here for your chance to win a spot in Studio Calico's Washi Workshop class hosted by Creating Keepsakes Editor, Megan Hoeppner, be sure to hop to the list below to better your chances!

Maggie Holmes Sasha Farina Creating Keepsakes Studio Calico 

Good Luck!

A few more Washi photo ideas.

Seriously, I'm kidding about the teething toy. ;)

 ( print in the shop today!)

a good start

We've been hunkered down this weekend due to extremely cold temps. (currently -9) New Years was really really nice. Just being together and watching the fireworks from our deck is all I can ever ask for. Tyler slept through it all which amazed us. Butters (our nervous nelly of a dog) on the other hand was buggin the whole time. Alaskans usually go all out with their fireworks on New Years since it's darker than dark out. It's pretty much daylight all summer so 4th of July is nothing but a lot of boom and bang. I love seeing the night sky all lit up with magic. The mountains are especially pretty with all the hillsiders lighting off fireworks. I almost gave myself frostbite by not wearing gloves and taking photos the whole time, no joke. My finger tips were throbbing after 10 mins of being outside. Freezing my ass off and watching the lights really got me thinking about my one word for the year as well as my resolutions. (Are resolutions not the "it" thing anymore?) Oh well..I still make them. They make me hopeful for what lies ahead. I'm excited. Above are my resolutions, I especially like the "spend less, make more" which leads to my one word. I pondered it for awhile and thought, duh..

It's really crucial that I stay on track with these goals as they will play a big part in my future. Some things are long overdue and I have no excuse to not move forward. I can no longer sit back and let opportunities and ideas slip through my fingers and shrug it off as it not being meant to be.

Here's to a brand new year of positivity and awesomeness.