girl loves friday

I finally put up the new stamps that were meant to be new back in March. : /  This is just a small ones are in the making. Maybe they'll make an appearance in August?, I'm going to be more present here thanks to the push you all gave me. I can't let my fear or the excuse of being busy stop me from doing this, right?  : )

Hoping to have some new screen prints up in the next week. Can't wait to get my hands dirty again. I moved my studio over the winter and never really got it sorted out so that has been a huge obstacle. Again, I can't let that get in the way.

Happy Friday + a huge Happy Mother's Day to you all.




Hey guys! In case you missed the newsletter, the Life.Love.Paper shop is now open. I have very few stamps left but I'm reordering today so they'll be ready to ship next week! I'll  be adding some new prints and photography next week as well. :)

I also gave my new subscribers a sweet deal and now I'm passing it off to you! Just enter HELLOFALL and received 10% off your order with a $10 purchase. This deal is only good through August 31st!


Washi Workshop Giveaway

Yes, another post about Washi tape and how much I love it so. Funny thing is I probably photograph it as much as I use it. I'm not sure if it's the precise circles, the vast array of colors and patterns or just that they're so pretty to look at (all of the above really) but I love photographing and admiring my collection. It's strange, I know this. But I ask you to try it because it's fun and it's your collection. You know you admire it from a distance when it's not in use. Go ahead. Set up a little photo shoot and snap your washi collection. I'd love to see! Post your photos here, please? So I don't feel so abnormal? :) It is not a requirement for the giveaway though. Yes, a giveaway and a blog hop so after you post here for your chance to win a spot in Studio Calico's Washi Workshop class hosted by Creating Keepsakes Editor, Megan Hoeppner, be sure to hop to the list below to better your chances!

Maggie Holmes Sasha Farina Creating Keepsakes Studio Calico 

Good Luck!

A few more Washi photo ideas.

Seriously, I'm kidding about the teething toy. ;)

 ( print in the shop today!)