My first ever completed mini. I've started a lot.....never finished. I wanted to document the 29 days before the big 3-0 and I accomplished that. Maybe being 30 has changed me to a "get it done" person rather than a "start but never finish" person.  Have to say I'm feeling pretty good about that.
And this is what we woke up to Saturday morning. I just got my studded winter tires off my little civic. That still didn't stop me from going up to Starbucks though. I just sort of slid around and barreled through the bigger piles of snow so I didn't get stuck. I know, I'm admittedly one of those crazy Alaskan drivers.  It was early enough though, no one was really around.
All the snow we got over the weekend is just about melted now. hooray. Let's get a move on with Spring dammit.
Leaving off with a little FYI. Elle's Studio is having a big blog party this Saturday starting in the early morn. She's got lot's of stuff happening throughout the day including some sweet give-aways so mark your calendars! April 12th starting at 8am.