hiy fiyve.

said in my best Borat impression.
a little random survey of 5's I saw on Rachel's and Michelle's blog and since I have nothing exciting or clever to blog about, here you go..........


What were doing 5 years ago today:
I was working at the same company but in a different position which was sales. I had to work sales to realize that I am no saleswoman. You say no, I say ok, have a nice day. I think that's when J and I bought our first home. That was fun. Going into strangers homes and trying to picture yourself and your stuff there. Having kids was not on my priority list, in fact I was dead set on not having little ones until this biological clock started ticking. We also got Butters while garage selling. Apparently he was the runt of the litter and no one wanted him. This was also the point that scrapbooking started to become cool to me. I shifted from altered books and collages to playing with my own photos.

5 snack I love:
-rice crackers
-swedish fish
-good & plenties

5 things on my to do list today (or things I did today)
-get through the work day
-resist candy bowl
-run errands at lunch. I need a good body scrub so I can start my faux tan. Shorts will be making an appearance next week.
-possibly scrap. I've hated everything I've produced this week.
-watch awesome Thursday line up. Grey's, Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
-quit my job
-travel...Amsterdam, France, Japan, Korea, Egypt
-buy my brother and his family a home
-start a business for pure pleasure, not for income
-buy my dream home on the hillside here in Alaska and a proper winter vehicle.

5 bad habits I have
-pealing and biting my lips
-cracking my knuckles
-not returning phone calls
-impulsive spender
-leaving my empty coffee cups everywhere

5 places I've lived
-New Mexico
-Las Vegas

5 jobs I've had:
-Lady Foot Locker-the worst, lasted a week
-TCBY Yogurt
-Intern at the Attorney Generals Office
-currently a sales coordinator/VP assistant

Alright, you're turn. Give me your fives!