feel good friday.

My outlook on life always seems to come to a high point on Friday. Why is that? Well, I know why and I'm sure you know why. Work has actually been pleasant this week with a certain some one being on vacation. It's funny how one person can effect the overall attitude of an office.

I don't think I've had a solid blog post for about a week. I haven't done anything creative but doesn't mean I haven't been inspired. It's a good build up that'll be released tonight. Knowing I don't have to work the next day makes me want to stay up late and make a mess in my scraproom. I've got the June Studio Calico kit sitting neatly on my desk along with another side project that'll make an appearance next week. Just typing my creative plans makes me itchy to get out of this place BUT it's Friday and it'll go by fast.

Another positive note is that I'm well into my operation:eat healthy and move my fat arse. I'm not a gym rat, nor do I enjoy working out but I have to say exercising has made me walk with my head held higher and I know I've been glowing because I've had a few comments about it this week. My physical therapist noted my "spiciness" when I walked in yesterday. That's a new one. I've been called sweet, sassy, and a smart-ass but spicy....that's a new one.

So I leave you with a little Flickr love since I have no personal pics to share. Oh, which reminds me.......my Diana Dreamer is on it's way!

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Have a great weekend!