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Coming in with a little peeksie of what I've been working on for Studio Calico. I'll post more tomorrow. The weekend was great, quick but great. The only thing that sucked was my internet connection going in and out but it gave me an excuse to get outside and do other things besides sit behind my laptop. Eating healthy and exercise is still going strong. So many temptations being thrown at me but I happily say, "no thank you" to Cinnamon loaf bread and ice cream. Seriously, I haven't gone this whole week and half just to blow it that. I want to make a big breakfast for J and I on Saturday and would much rather treat myself with a hot stack of buttermilk pancakes. mmmmmm... Ladies with long hair, do you ever wake up with the kind of bed head that makes you look like a Victoria's Secret model? My hair was so full and perfectly tousled this morning. Spritz a little spray and was out the door. An hour into work, it's flat again. boo. Alright, enough of this randomness. Take care, Tina